You Live, You Learn!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mish Mash

Im only eating fairtrade chocolate. Its well hard coz I love boost but I hate eating flesh which is what a boy said eating cadburys chocolate was like.

Anyway its hard. Do you know whats harder? do you? Not eating Nestle coz they make everything, even my fave cereal (Breakfast Boulders/Golden Nuggets).

Anyway, its fairtrade all the way.

The other day me and Sam discoverd a great fairtrade chocy bar, its called Rico and tastes like kinder suprise.

Its good to be back in Edinburgh, feel like I have been away so much recently.

There will be a 24-7 prayer week hapnin in Granton Sally. Startin Friday 3rd August at 7pm

check the Granton blog for more info

This post is so mish mash

Ah well

Catch Yer

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cry Baby

I am officially a cry baby.
this week I have cried twice at Eastenders
and once at drop dead fred, 10 things I hate about you (even though i have seen it a million times before) and family fortunes.
What is going on. my tear ducts are on overload.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Glorious Blades of Glory

What a film. What a laugh

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Tunes

Tom showed me this fab website. Its
Its fab, you get to make your own music station. You tell
it some music you like and then it finds similar music by
different artists that you may not have discovered yet, then you
tell it if you like the song or not. It great I have three stations now
Try it :)

A Big Day

Today has been very long but very good. I had to be at work for 8am for a delivery which never showed up. I was ok about it though coz after my three week skive a long day kinda made up for it. I got tons done, Didnt really stop, After school club was crazy but to be honest I didnt really help to stop the crazyness. I had another one of those Hannah not really thinking moments. It all went wrong when I handed 4 girls a bunch of waterballons and sent them off to the bathroom. Good job Ali was away thats all I can see. Tom was the sensible one.
Popett came to the club which is always brilliant but I think he was a bit freaked out then Sam played Katamari again. I seem to have lost her to it but I have been lost in my gameboy for the last month so Im not complaining. However what stresses me off the most is that she is really good at it, better than me, I cant cope, im not going to tell her though.
Then Emily had this celebration thing to mark the end of her cookin class, it was so brilliant loads of people came form lots of different ethnic groups. I loved the way they just got on and made the sally theri own for the night. The children were so chiled and easy to hang out wiv. All the adults were really smilley and the food was so amazing. It smelt like curry but it wasent all curry, I totaly loved the whole experience. You may even say i wz cheesin!!!
Old people were fun tonight, I helped wiv computer club, it was hard to be patient with them. They couldnt quite get used to the double click on the mouse. It was quite good though, I feel that something really good happened at the Sally today. Actually something good all week. Our house group was amazing, teens asking God questions and putting us on the spot. I love it. THANX GOD MUCHOS LOVE XX

Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer BBQ

We just experienced our first summer beach BBQ. Maybe we were a little premature. As it was kinda sunny today we dashed to sainsburys to buy our BBQ kit and loadsa food. Then we set off for cramond. Apon arriving we discovered that it was less hot than we thought and kinda windy. This made it quite hard to light the bbq, we got it alight in the end and chucked on the food. Next was a waiting game. My food was cooked quickly coz its quorn but the others had a long wait for their slabs of meat. I soon felt that the motivation for this trip was mainly on me and the others were less excited about our adventure. After about 15 mins of waiting and discovering the sausages were definately not safe to eat we decided to purspone our summer bbq until the summer and cook the food in the flat.
A great time was had by all. Wish you were there :)

Also I want to tell you about my holiday, It was good, we went up to inverness, there was a boat which got me very excited we went out twice and once I almost got eaten by flesh ripping trout. Great holiday, Fave part was visiting these amazing waterfalls called Roggie Falls. See Kevins blog for our awesome video diary, which mainly features Kevin and Sam coz I was shy. lol

Monday, April 02, 2007

Suicide attempt

I almost ran someone over at the weekend. I was almost home and this girl was standing on the side of the road by a parked car. I knew she was there and presumed she was waitng till I had gone past to cross the road. I was wrong. She was actualy waiting for me to get close enough so I could run her over without having enough time to stop. She steped out onto the road right infornt of the car and I only just managed to stop in time. It was scary esp coz she stood at the front of my car for a few seconds staring at me. I was mad freaked out.

Its sunny today, I like it. Cant wait until it gets hot and I can jump in the sea. Im not in the mood for work today. Am trying to win these cute as Vans rainers on ebay.

Oh Im going to take snowboarding lessons if anyone wants to join me. Im gona go two Saturdays in May. It costs 11.90 per lesson then you pay a bit extra to get practise sessions.

over and out

Monday, March 12, 2007

The is more than one kind of waffle

The best film I have seen this year is The Illusionist. I totaly loved it. Please see it and tell me what you think. The twist at the end is fab. You kinda know its gona hav a twist but dont want to set your heart on it just in case you get disapointed.
Dont go and see it with someone who only likes Disney Films.

Today I ate a waffle for the first time, not the potatoe kind. I ate it and it was good.

Today I learnt what the word vidual means. but I cant remember what it is now.

I read the other day in the bible about Judas betraying Jesus and It says that the Devil entered Judas. I alsways thought he just valued money way too much. But it sounds heavyer than that.